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Experiments' Pre-requisite Is Experience!

Yes, it's true that we need to become a brand to experiment things in business. If you are a startup & you come up with a product, once the customers like your first product they will go for different products launched by your company as well, because your first product was successful & they can trust you.

The other day I wanted to have an ice cream & saw an advertising board of Mc Donalds new product- Mc Flurry. It looked different & I assumed it would move my taste buds crazy. So, my friend and I dropped into the nearest McDonalds.
experiments prerequisite is experience,business
Mc Flurry is a vanilla ice-cream dessert that has pieces of candy or cookies mixed into it. The Flavors are crushed Oreo, M&M mini's, and a range of crushed bis-cuits. We paid 65 INR for one of them. The packaging, including the spoon were enticing. One try made us realize, we would not come back to it again, unlike the products of McD.

A lot of people would have tried and of course, not many around I knew, ever appreciated, but the trial got them the output they expected. So as I said, if you want to try something like that you, which may not be a hit product, be a brand first, because majority of the people will see an advertisement somewhere & will try the new product.

Amongst the innumerous examples of those who have touched the pinnacles in marketing expertise, the most common name on every mind, is the heart throb: Shahrukh Khan the bollywood star, who starred for Ra1 recently, which was his first attempt into a Super-Hero role. Though the movie was not a superhit, but it attracted superhit turnovers. As always Legend SRK's movie releases attract sales of large numbers and ground shaking turnovers, that the criteria of movie being a hit or not, fails to keep its own existence.
So, if you are a startup, and looking for attempting trial launches and not sure of the worthiness of the product, make sure you become a brand first before experimenting such things. All you people with new start-ups, what's your take on this? The consumers, what do you have to say about this one? Feedback from both parties welcome!

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Rohit Daga
Rohit Daga is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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