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From A Land Far Away

When you look around, what do you see? If you're in Urban India, you're most likely to see lots of traffic and hustle bustle. Every day you r travel to office is like waging a war against traffic, yelling at people and all kinds of wildlife and vegetation! And traffic makes such a good small talk topic as well as a brilliant excuse.

I was part of this population that cribs, who thought that this country needs some order, a leader who would come and change how Indians looked at India. I would get disgusted when I saw people spitting on the road. Beggars on streets were a disturbing sight. Why wasn't anyone doing anything to help them out, I thought.
I had to relocate to the other hemisphere of the planet to realize how much I loved the place. Yes, I hate traffic and I hate the dirt and pollution and I also don't think handicapped beggars on the road add to the happiness of the country but I know I really miss something so profoundly about my homeland.

India is a colorful land. You can see a lot of people everywhere, people who are rude, who mind their own business and if they don't know you they don't greet you when you see eye to eye with them. Lots of business going on the side of most roads, they sell anything ranging from bangles to batteries to stationery and the roadside food that appears dirty but tastes like heaven when you put it in your mouth.

India is like that very roadside pani puri(an Indian delicacy) that every average Indian has relished and misses about home. You don't know what goes into it and why it tastes awesome. But you can't let go of it. Probably that's the feeling of home. Every NRI feels that the country they live in is giving them money, comforts, a great job and great facilities.
But how many of us really feel that India could be the place that could give us all these things? India has advanced to a position where it can give Walmart, a run for its money. Anything you get outside India, you get it in India. It's not an under-developed nation yet there's scope for improvement. And we are the scope for improvement; the educated class, who can change the system.

By staying in another country not only are you taking away jobs from the natives but also causing brain drain from your country.

All this occurs to me, only because I'm here. It's not really that the Grass is Greener on the Other Side. It's really that Home is where the Heart is.

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