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It's All Yours

I am respiring, my pulses are ticking, my sensations are active and everything else is in motion. YES! I am alive. Are you? Then this is the moment to die for...just live this very moment. You and me are granted only limited time for a life out. None of us are guaranteed a specific time. We never know what is going to happen in the very next moment. I don't know if I can complete these lines but still I write and you's all about hope. It's all about living life at the rate of one second per second. The only thing we are sure of is, this very moment .Do not waste much of your time thinking what to do; how to do; when to do and where to do...all the questions have answers just that we are unaware of them and all the questions shall be answered by you only, that is the whole point in starting the journey. Just follow the coincidence point of your heart and brain (trust me they work in harmony but we usually are so busy to understand the depth at which they coincide and just say that my heart and my brain are two different individuals)
A newly born child never waits for someone to come and observe it or admire its smile. It smiles when all alone and cries even when pampered by dear ones .there might be no proper situation or a perfect reason for its behaviour all it knows is just to feel the moment. You want to do something then just go for never guarantees you the next moment all that u have with you is the very moment live it n love it. When there are hundreds of options around us we take lot of time to decide which one to choose and finally get lost amongst them but leave a toddler in the same place where opportunities = toys and notice, it randomly grabs all that it can and enjoys all that it possibly can but at the end it just feels each one of them...we all come from the same phase. all of us were quick, spontaneous, loved and enjoyed each moment, we felt the beauty of life but as days pass by we start underestimating ourselves by thinking too much about our abilities and in comparison with others, that's natural and it's the only way to make world believe that our brains develop from how lively we were to how life-less we are know. (I call it fool's strategy).
When we were assigned to enter this world we had no questions and that was perfect. Death never waits for anyone it just comes and you accompany it with no questions and still it's perfect and we agree with it. But why question yourself so many times with so many random useless criterias? Open your eyes, you are alive. Close your eyes and you are dead. Life is just a matter of two moments and luckily its very short, not much time given to think about things too much. There is very little time to think and to act (hardly any time left to compare and compromise) don't hesitate and even don't care about the reaction of people around you for what you's your life and you are destined to rule it. Rule it the way you wanted to. Life is yours and live it your way. But take one valuable moment every time you live to love yourself more!

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Beena Chowdary
Beena Chowdary is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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