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It's Important To Communicate! Are You Overlooking It?

Today in this era of technology, we believe we are connected. Not just to each other, but to the environment as well. But, I have a serious doubt about this one, while I totally believe my doubt that "CONNECTIVITY EXISTS?!"

I was shocked to read in Times of India on a fine evening, about a mummified corpse of a man, believed to be one of the oldest citizens of japan of 111years old. This was discovered after 30years of his death at his home. None around in his neighbourhood.

People say we are GROWING. Yes we are, but not in the most desirable way. We are growing weaker in communicating and connecting. The Connectivity amongst families and communities has become scarce and people are becoming alienated and loneliness is all over the place.
its important to communicate,talk
Information Science is incapable of evoking the bursts of creativity that comes naturally in the course of communication which involves silence as well as words, though it is far more capable and strong of bringing about revolutions in many ways. Dependency is bad, so is on this media of communication. We should resort to face to face meetings as often as possible.

There is a need to TALK, a need to revitalize all that is human - both in individuals and in society. Talk, feel, share, put feelings

to words and you'll find the change that will bring life to life, because touching someone's heart brings great joy and the reverse rationale in both confusion and frustration.

We observe others' reactions and often tussle in search of better words. There is a great sense of fulfilment when words are finally heard and evoke a response. Through this process we?ll be able to see ourselves in others and feel an inner sense of unity.

Don't let gaps increase. Don't let the evil thoughts in. Engage yourselves in good stuff. Talk, Communicate, express & If there is someone you have not spoken to in a long time, DO IT NOW!

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Basanthi Vaishnav
Basanthi Vaishnav is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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