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Life - An Ever Changing Question Paper

"Just when you think & feel you have got all the answers to all the questions in your life, God changes the question paper itself!" - That's LIFE candid and clear through just one statement.

I know most of you are into introspection, with the very first reading of this statement, that's what happened to me. A very powerful feeling, that this is so true about life. Majority of us, work really hard to shape up an easier life, a comfortable life, wherein we can reach a state to be able to pamper ourselves continuously, and we never seem to reach there. Each time we think we have resolved every issue and there are no more answers we need to seek, any more the boat of life shall sail smooth, very next moment is turbulence in the ocean of life - high tides, disturbing waves and we have no choice, but to be prepared for it.

It happened a number of times in my life, until I reached my 10th grade, I always thought I would go on to become a Chartered Accountant, after 10th I fell in love with science, universe, physics, etc. then I started dreaming of being a theoretical physicist. Studied everything I could within 12th itself, (partial differential equations, everything in depth about quantum mechanics to the extent of understanding of the present research going on), Concepts slightly difficult to perceive and understand, as they involve everything that's vague and ambiguous.
life an ever changing question paper,reality
Targeted IIT Mumbai - MSc Physics course, Got through IIT-JEE screening round(first round), could not crack second round (another failure of my life), ended up at NITK Surathkal in Mechanical engineering deciding to become the best mechanical engineer.

Felt glad that Mech. Engg. was closely related to Physics. But by the time I finish my first year of engineering and master further concepts of engineering and physics, the Entrepreneurship bug caught me.

First time something in my life, had touched which gave me a feeling, it's possible to make every dream a reality if you can stand, truly, for what you want. Just end-lessly keep your purpose in mind and it shall materialise. Be prepared for challenges at every step and be very flexible if your path takes a turn, but keep a solid purpose in mind.

Today am learning accounts to handle my business (slowly but surely, dream of becoming a CA :) ), keeping in pace with physics to ensure I study physics after 2-3decades from now, An inspira-tional Speaker by profession, inspiring people, Upcoming author with the challenge of releasing my first book in another 8 months, A strong networker, involved in One Young World running a number of successful projects, serving the society by shaping up leaders who can take this task further & building a team of inspirational speakers. Each time at every step when I felt I have got my an-swers, for the questions "WHO AM I?" life showed a new route, deviating from my dreams, taking a complete detour, but actually each time, eventually, every detour met my PURPOSE HIGHWAY.
So here I stand today, still as a person seeking answers to new set of questions, which never were mine. Hence, I conclude - "BE PREPARED!" are the keywords for progress in life.

Life will show you unexpected changes and detours to test how strongly you can stand for what you want. Keep walking and walk boldly towards your dream. Everything under the sky is possible.
"Impossible belongs to another universe, where men dont live, god does not bless and dreams dont exist!" ~ Sujit Lalwani.

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Sujit Lalwani
Founder & CEO at iUeMagazine & SIMUS

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