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Life In A Metro!

As kids, we all have heard the story of "slow and steady wins the race". Ironically, the school that taught me this is located in a metro where life is neither slow, nor steady. In everyday's hustle bustle, minutes become hours, hours months and when those months turn into years we hardly notice. We are so caught up with our daily routine and schedules that we hardly have time to notice anything slow.

All that metro life tells us is "run quickly or you will miss the bus", "eat soon, there is a pile of work to complete", "work harder or you won't get promotion"! I"m sure many of us have not met our neighbours for months; some of us don't even know who our neighbours are. No time for that!! Everyone is in a hurry.
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When it rains, we complain about the huge traffic jam it will cause; when its hot, we grieve about global warming; when cold we fuss about falling ill. Nothing is ever perfect. Stress levels run very high. Mornings we are stressed about reaching work on time, at work stressed about completing it on time, every evening stressed by traffic and every weekend stressed by stress itself. We are on time every time, but when we look back in time, we have hardly spent any quality time!

When was the last time you enjoyed the patter of rain, the warmth of a bright sunny day and the laziness of a cold winter morning? When was the last time every morning brought a new day, every evening the content of a worthy day and every night the promise of a new tomorrow?

It's true that we need to be "fast and furious" here to win the race, but if we don't slow down a bit, we won't be able to enjoy the journey. And enjoying the journey is what is most important- Happiness, as they say, lies in the journey, not at the destination.

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