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One Beautiful Day

It's up to you to take it as a flow of words or a river of feelings.

It was my first visit, I was nervous - didn't know how they would receive me. How would I start talking to them? Will I be able to manage it? With all these questions on mind and a piece of paper in hand- which contained an address - I left my hostel. It was a bright sunny day, the sky was a soft shade of blue and there was a slight breeze in air. I reached my destination and with a strange feeling entered the door which had a board written "Home for those who have nobody except the Lord as their Family".

I met a man in the garden, he greeted me with a pleasant smile and guided me inside, I entered a small room with a small table and 3 chairs around it. I could make out that it was an old building by looking at the walls and doors, but the room was peaceful and tidy that nothing else mattered. He said "I am Mr. Punkaj, care taker of children in this orphanage".
one beautiful day,river of feelings
I introduced myself and told him that I wanted to meet kids and spend time with them, he was happy to hear that and guided me to the next room where around 50 children of ages 1 to 15 were staring at me. I was shocked looking at them, didn't know what to say, or exactly why I wanted to meet them.. I came out of my thoughts when Punkaj addressed the children saying "This is Prathisha, she wants to talk to you". Asking me to feel comfortable and wishing me a nice time, he left the room - after saying something to the elder boy there.

Not knowing how to start, I asked names of each and every child - we were strangers to each other- that's what I felt when I first saw them, icebreaking was the toughest part but the elder guy took the initiative and was trying hard to make all of us feel comfortable. As time passed they started talking to me, a few showed their paintings, few sang beautifully, few danced and few naughty guys who were just sitting and making faces at all other performers. I asked them their goals in life; few wanted to become teachers, few doctors, engineers, farmers and few wanted to join the army. We played a few games and it was already 6pm. 4 hours since I entered the room, I just lifted Abdul, a 4 year old boy sitting on my lap to leave the room - it was getting late.
I never knew saying bye to 50 children whom I didn't even know before 4 hours would be so difficult, finally somehow I managed to convince them, said bye and started to leave. Suddenly Abdul started pulling my hand. When I turned to look at him, he asked me "You are my sister right? Then come with me to meet Rohan, the boy who stays in the pink house - he always teases me saying I don't have mama, papa, sister or brother, I want to show him I do have a sister". I nodded my head, unable to speak, tears rolling down my cheeks, I kissed him and left the room - now not as a stranger anymore - I was one among them, they considered me as part of their family, whom they could call akka(sister).

I never wanted anything more than this in my life, I closed my eyes and thanked the Lord for this gift of such a beautiful day in my life.

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