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Path Of Destiny Is Lit By Leaders!

My leaders are those who guide me,
leading me to adventures, changing my destiny.
With abundant knowledge to explore,
I embark a journey of self discovery.
path of destiny is lit by leaders,vision
Mountains bigger have they climbed,
for all that I know,
to pull me up by their side,
I learned eventually to grow.

No matter how huge an enigma came by,
they made it look like a spec in the eye.
Obstacles did come, obstacles did go,
my leaders always continued to glow.

Forth given to me is a purpose and a mission,
I have achieved the clarity of vision.
So that together when we touch the lines of victory,
no doubt we shall create history!

For it is ultimately promised,
It's our dreams that would turn to reality,
that makes our life a complete journey.
Indeed, worth concluding that
It's our vision to reality,
that moulds our final destiny!

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Rheana John
Rheana John is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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