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Technology And Innovation

Does a tech article have to be necessarily boring & exclusively for geeks?

By the way, many people don't even know what the term geek stands for. Its meaning has evolved from "a carnival performer of sensationally morbid acts" to "an otherwise dislikable over-intellectual person" to "a computer or technology enthusiast/expert". So, feel complimented if someone calls you a geek.

Speaking of technology, its meaning often gets muddled with that of innovation. Seems bizarre? Just try naming five technologies and five innovations without stuttering - If you are comfortable doing that, you may consider skipping rest of the page but I am sure that you are going to read further.

Now that I have your attention, let's get straight to the business. Innovation is a new idea and technology is a practical way of creating or applying it. In short, Innovation emerges from "What if...?" and Technology comes from "How to...?"
technology and innovation,expert solution
Now, if it seems so naïve that innovation precedes technology; allow me to rack up your thought. A newer way of applying existing technology is also innovation. Moreover, many a times technology is discovered first and its use is innovated later. For example, Laser was initially termed as "a solution looking for a problem". Later this technology became the platform for significant innovations; laser surgeries revolutionized medical sphere. Can you imagine a world today without optical storage devices, fiber optic communications, laser printers, barcode scanners etc?.

Electricity, Radioactivity, Internet technologies are just few of the numerous examples throughout history where technology was invented/discovered before its innovative application. Equally evident but easier to see, are the cases where innovation led to technology. Therefore, it's incorrect to claim that one always drives another.

The key takeaway is that the two go hand in hand. Both are not just necessary but responsible for mutual growth.
However, none actually drives the other on its own. It's the relentless pursuit of human mind for the continuous improvement that fuels the innovation &propels the advancement of technology!

This brings us to the end of tech section for the 1st issue of IUNL. I hope your answer would now be "NO" to the question at beginning of this article. If you liked this, I would love to have you reading this section every month but for now, a beautiful smile will do :)

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Ashish Vaidya
Ashish Vaidya is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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