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The Rise Of Collaboration

All the advances in technology and communications has made it possible for us to be in contact with other cultures, learn faster, work together and of course, collaborate. This last one is very special because I feel it's a plus in our generation: we not only have the tools to do it but we are willing to collaborate as well. Just look at the fact that I'm a Colombian guy writing for an Indian publication. We certainly believe that unity is power and that working together is the way to fix the major problems of the world.
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Recently I had the chance to assist to the One Young World Summit in Zürich, Switzerland. This is an event specially designed for young leaders to take a stand and make our voices heard, to get to know each other, share ideas, translate them into projects and generate positive impacts among our communities.

While working together and enjoying the event I found out that for our generation:
  • Religion is not an issue for us to sit down and talk about the best way to achieve peace.
  • Politics are not a dull thing reserved for those few who want to lie and steal from the people but a way to apply leadership and work together with zero tolerance towards corruption.
  • Environment is something we care for and protect, with our daily actions.

  • Language is not a barrier, but a way to communicate.
  • Business should do good in order to do well, that means that social business can be profitable and offer top quality products and services. It's just about, wanting to do our part, and be part of the solution.
  • Media is a way to defend the truth and work together no matter where in the world we are located.
  • And health is a global issue that concerns all of us and that we improve with our collective behaviour.
  • There we were, more than 1,300 young people from 170 different countries, all sharing, all learning from each other and the best part, peacefully!

It amazes me to see, how we adapt so quickly, to a different environment, put our differences aside and work with our strengths. Yes, our generation is definitely different, more focused, aware of the past mistakes and most importantly, committed to change what doesn't work.

The thing is, this is nothing new, history has taught us that "collaboration" has always been the factor that allows us to triumph, and reach our goals ultimately. A lot of examples can be made to support the same: wars "won", amazing structures built, Steve Jobs and his design team lead by Jonathan Ive, who created several, of the most amazing gadgets known to mankind and so on.

The reality is out there, everywhere; in books, TV, films, the Internet & more of the like. The difference is we chose to see it, we chose to learn from those experiences and, most importantly, we decided to use this knowledge to change the world in a positive way. We for this reason have been able to see Designer Collaboration Rankings alot these days

So, this leads us to the core issue. How do we change the world? Well, I have an opinion of my own, and a metaphor that I put across here, will help me convey it most aptly. You see, if we give fish to the people, who need it, they will never work for it, instead, they'll get used to someone else doing the job for them. I feel, the solution is not teaching the people how to fish, because, all of us could easily tell, what those who fish, do with the fish. So, what's the solution then? Well, "Change the fishing industry!"
Einstein once said that if you want different results, you shouldn't always do the same. And it makes great sense; we've been dealing with the same problems for centuries now. I strongly feel, it's time for a different approach. It's time to be unreasonable, to be crazy, to work together and collaborate. What do you guys think? I leave it open for your views. I strongly feel it's Time to collaborate our views as well.

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Carlos Jaramillo
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