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Are the Lefties..Right?

Are the Lefties.. Right?

What do you think President Barack Obama, Alexander the Great, Queen Victoria of England and Michelangelo have in common? According to research findings only 10-12 percent of the people prefer using their left hand. Is it true that left handed people are smarter than right handed ones?

If you are leftie, I would like to congratulate you; If you're right handed, simply read.
The brain is cross wired, where the left hemisphere controls the right hand side of the body and vice-versa and hand dominance is connected to the brain. Which is why we say that only left handers are in their right minds .Hence they show better process of language, emotional and spatial awareness, creativity, percep-tion and holistic thinking approach. Slightly large numbers of left handers are especially gifted in music and math.

The French word for left is "gauche" which means "awkward" or Old English meaning of "Weak". However nowadays societies and culture no longer scorn left-handedness like they used to.
Since the world is dominated by right handed people, the lefties finds it difficult to use the scissors, to sharpen a pencil, or sit comfortably on a right arm school desk since it's not designed for them. And this is exactly why we eventually became more adaptable. Finally we have one particular person who did not shine in school and was considered backward. This was none less than Albert Einstein himself, who was also left handed. So the next time you meet a kid in India or elsewhere meddling around doing actions with his left hand, I would suggest to encourage that child, simply because he has inherited a gene of selective advantage; and allow him to discover his potential of how cool is it to be different!

Signing off as a Southpaw.

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Rheana John
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