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Take a Deep Breath & Slow Down

Everything seems to be going by so fast. The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing colors. Midterms are coming up and finals are following closely behind. It's not even Halloween yet and workers are already putting Christmas decorations up inside the mall where I work!

Stop. Take a deep breath. And slow down! As my mom says, "Take some time to smell the flowers!" The clock is still going the same speed as it used to go, we all just seem to be trying to fit so many activities into one day that it makes it feel as if everything is speeding up. I find that more people are having such a hard time keeping up with their many activities that the simple act of sleep is now a problem for them. Either they have trouble calming down enough for it or they forget to put it into their schedules!, haha.

I'm just as guilty of over scheduling myself as anyone else is. So, I have been trying a few things out to make my life feel like it's moving a little slower and, I guess you could say, more calm.
take a deep breath and slow down,inspiration
For instance, in my little bit of spare time, I have been finding different ways to do my hair. Yes, it sounds odd; after all, what does hair have to do with life? Let me ask you, have you ever tried to style your hair in when you're rushed or when you're full of anxiety? Let's just say it doesn't work. I was never really the type of girl to do something different with my hair. Surprised? I found out something, learning all these fancy braids takes time and patience! You know what else it does? It allows me to sort my thoughts and think more clearly. I suppose I could have found the same thing meditating, but, let's face it, I'm not really a "meditating" kind of girl. Plus when I'm done sorting my thoughts this way, I have a gorgeous new braid.*Big Grin* So, I've taught myself how to do a few different types of braids (my favorite would be a mermaid braid, you should try it out), and I've even tried the same concept with curling my hair. I had to actually learn how to curl my hair. Don't laugh, I know it doesn't sound too difficult, but my hair is difficult to work with and always lets the curls fall out, it's stubborn that way.

Yes, it's another silly lesson in patience for me. What is your special way to "slow down" and take the time to sort your thoughts? Do you let today's hectic pace run right over you? Obviously there is something for everyone. Have you found what works for you?

Another way that I have found to make things "slow down" is by taking a walk! Super simple! There are a few parks around my house so luckily for me I have great choices nearby. Some of my favorite parks are about three to five minutes away, but driving there is totally worth it. Community parks always remind me of when I was a kid and my mom would teach me how to swing, she even made up a little tiny song to teach my twin and I how to swing our feet to keep us going, "Up to the sky! Down to the ground!" It was really cute.

Don't forget your local zoo!
If you know me, you know I'm crazy about the zoo. State parks on the other hand, always bring out a more adventurous side to me, mainly because my grandpa would take my sisters and I to places like, volcanic plugs, old mines and would even have us climb up the side of a small cliff face just to see what type of rock was near the top. These are the kinds of things I do when I need the real RECHARGE to my system! When I'm done with a trip to one of these places, short or long, I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way again!
Those are just some of the ways that I feel could help make things "slow down" a little so that you can recharge and sort your thoughts. And maybe if you feel like you need to find a way to really recharge, try going on your own little adventure! See where your feet take you! Take a drive and find out where that road goes. Go somewhere that reminds you of when you were younger or somewhere that you always have tons of fun! If I could, I would go to Yosemite every weekend! Sometimes I just take a short adventure in a book! Where would you go?

Stop.. take a deep breath.. Where will inspiration take you?

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