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A boon for life thats often under valued - Nature

There are a diverse number of aspects that can be spoken of in this world where science and technology has advanced beyond imagination. It so happens that,when we require it the most,words don't flow.
boon for life nature,science
Nature is a vast topic which has so much to be spoken of. We all depend a lot on nature for each moment in life. Life without nature cannot just be imagined.The protection of environment and conservation of wildlife is the prime concern of the day.There is an immediate necessity to take stern steps towards making the earth greener.For that to happen,we must start with small steps towards it.

Though it is easier said than done,small modifications in lifestyle can bring about massive changes in the environment. Environmental conservationists like Medha Patkar and Arundathi Roy began with small movements to save the environment.The small movements spread like wild fire throughout the country and gathered a lot of support from all sections of the society. So efforts however small, will eventually gather massive support. There is an exponential increase in deforestation,poaching and hunting. A sure indication of nature's fury towards us is the erratic fluctuations in the levels of mercury!

On a concluding note, a better future always starts with nature's nurture.So, lets all live strive for a greener environment.

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