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A Precious Gift

We often undervalue small presents from God which has made our life a better one.One such gift in my life is my neighbour. Friends from a very young age, destiny made us neighbours.
a precious gift,god
A perfect example for multitasking and an epitome of simplicity, she has indeed been a pillar of support through thick and thin of life. With a vast knowledge in the field of commerce, managing accounts at the tip of her fingers, she also is passionate about a lot of other things like embroidery work,painting and dance. Repeated exposure to her ability to find time for all her fields of interest has had a great influence on me.

An aspiring entrepreneur, she breathes,eats and thinks business.This certainly has inspired me to excel in the field of my choice 'Engineering'.

When we are surrounded by confident people with clear visions in life, we will be greatly influenced by them. Passion and exposure to people with great plans for life will surely mould our lives. Having been a great support and encouraging me in all my new endeavors, the levels of passion she has for her field is something I hope to achieve towards my fields of interest.

Indeed,a precious gift in my life.

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Sanjana V
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