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Are you busy?

After a long time, I met an old friend of mine whom I took out for a dinner treat. Long time means it had almost been more than 2 years now, since we met and went out for a treat. So, definitely had a lot to talk and share about each other's life. Being an IUite, I am bound to be involved in a lot of varied activities and loads of inspiring work. I went on sharing about all the things I am into right now and my further plans of action. After hearing to all the stuff, she just thanked me for making out time from my busy schedule to meet up and go out for a treat. That is the point when the word 'busy' struck me and a new concept took birth for my article.
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There's a huge complexity that's attached with the word 'busy' in today's world. Almost everyone seems to be too busy in their own world while the result of all their work is just a monthly pay-cheque (not undermining it though). The moment someone is entrusted upon some new work, the person starts to feel all the hatred possible because of all the piling tasks currently on head. On the other hand, the same person's boss is more than willing to take every opportunity that comes his/her way though he is much busier than his/her subordinate. There's a strong statement that I had heard about being busy sometime back. 'Only a busy man (woman included) can make time for everything else and not the lazy'. So, busyness has nothing to do with time or any strict schedule or anything else of a person. It's an attitude of a person. A truly busy man is one who knows what he's supposed to do. Hence, he can make time for everything that comes in his away which he knows is important for him.

Everyone on this earth is engaged in a lot of things. Even a beggar is engaged in begging, eating, sleeping, talking, travelling etc. Everyone is working in this world. People feel that a person is busy because he is working more. Sorry, that person is busy because he knows the number of things that he is supposed to do. When you know your work, you automatically get busy. Only such busy people can include more work in their kitty and make time for people in their tight schedule and not those blabbering folks who just keep spending away the time in all unnecessary stuff without exactly knowing what to do in life and finally realize that they were just busy in whiling away time rather than doing what the need of the hour was. So at any point of time, if you want to test yourself or someone else whether s/he is busy or not, you just have to ask yourself or the other person if s/he knows exactly what to do. If what-to-do is clear, then you can make time for what-next-to-do and what-more-to-do as well because only busy people can take more in their plate and still accomplish.

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Mohan BN
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