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Mama's Boy? No, Mummy's girl!

It is the norm to see girls calling themselves "Daddy's girl". We all know that every father will always be his daughter's first Role Model and Ultimate Hero. Father's love for a daughter is the love which says Yes to the second ice-cream after having dropped the first one at the first lick, it is the second barbie the very next day the old one got broken, it is the teaching you bicycle riding by running behind you while you ride, it is giving you freedom to choose what you want to study and do with your life. But not all girls are lucky enough to get the love and care from a father for a long time. However, they will be very fortunate to get the love of a Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and a Friend from the only soul called MOTHER.
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Life takes us through a journey of myriad experiences where both good and bad things happen. If losing a father is one of the worst things that can happen, then we only need look and see a Supermom who can manage to give us the utmost Love and Care, which is possibly the best thing that can happen to us.

Many Mothers have proved that they can raise their daughters by their own efforts without letting them even remember any bad incident that occured. They always will remain a SUPERMOM for their daughters who are blessed to have such wonderful personalities in their lives.

Mothers sacrifice a lot of things to raise their children, which is usually not noticed. In fact it is considered as her 'Duty' and it is simply taken for granted.

Daughters who are lucky enough to have such Supermoms, who have not just gotten the Love of their mother but also the courage, security that a father gives from the same woman called Mom.. they will happily claim to be 'Mummy's Girl's, and rightly so.

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Sushma Rao
Sushma Rao is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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