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On being insatiable and being proud of it!

This has been a comment of my colleague a few months back when I wanted to do more, to learn and grow more, to make more out of everything, to make everything a lot better than it is now. I wanted to change the world and this colleague of mine was holding me back.

"I'm proud to be insatiable", I told him. Many do think about being insatiable as negative. In fact, it was used against me as an insult. But I believe it's the best compliment for an activist trying to create a better Philippines. I see it as something that every citizen needs to host and promote. The Atmosphere of Insatiability must be kept and empowered.

My colleague might oppose me on this, but I believe that each and every citizen ought to be insatiable. With the reality we face now in the world (especially in our Philippine setting), I believe it's fit for us to be insatiable. It's the manifestation of us being youthful and vibrant. It's the light which deems all bad and corrupt things inappropriate. It's that atmosphere and environment which makes idiocy and mediocrity as things of past and objects of myths.
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Many aged folks lose the zeal; some have given up on it due to the lack of development in all aspects in the country all through their lives. But we should remember that being insatiable might be our last stand for a better and developed country. What if we started being satisfied with everything? Would we ever progress? Would we ever develop? Would we ever have a Philippines that we truly wanted? 'Never!' is my answer and the reason why it is because if we start being satisfied we'll have half-cooked results or nothing at all.

'What are half cooked results?' you ask! You see them every day in our communities, our districts, and our countries. Good examples are the government offices in our country and the roads in our towns. Town halls are supposed to be temples of people, avenues where glorious public acts, debate and trade happen, but in real we see it as merely a place where we can get money or pay our dues or where the most powerful people reside. Roads are supposed to withstand time and pressure from all sources, but quality of roads today make it difficult to support flow of investments into the country. Another best example is the rampant corruption. For so many years we have been satisfied with what was given by the government, thinking that it was all they could do, not knowing that they could provide more and were just pocketing money because no one cared. So, majority did not dare to seriously question local governments and the national government, while a few did. This is a depressing phenomenon and nothing but the manifestation of lack of insatiability.

Being idealistic and constructive along with insatiability will pave way for us to have results. By being constructive we can see that each of the problems could be resolved and there is always a possibility to have a better country,

Through idealism we can dream and do far better than what we have now in reality. Without idealism and by not being constructive, insatiability would turn into a different path, a path where there is negativity which could turn into hatred towards the government or the society.

We need to translate insatiability into actions for solutions. Insatiability must not stop on being unsatisfied but it starts with that. Our insatiability should continue to action and must end with results. Through action we can usher in growth and progress not only for ourselves but also for the country.
It's better that our insatiability continues through growth and progress so that our minds still hope for better and more growth. There is always room for improvement in every achievement. We should remember that everything is not perfect. Evolution is natural to human nature; being able to change and develop is one of its characteristics. So whatever we do, our dynamism and the world's dynamism would mean that there is always room for improvement and always room for further growth and expansion.

This is a great time to be insatiable. Government is keener on investing on people so that each and every Filipino becomes a better individual leading a better life. It's in this generation that the government really respects your individuality and your initiative. It's in this age that the barrier between the powerful and the powerless is gone; that each and every individual has the power and influence to change what's happening to him/her and others. It's the age during which people have realized that the government is composed of people too, and that everyone is a part of the change. By being insatiable and investing in politics and in government and non-governmental sectors we can progress as a country.

Being insatiable means you believe that we have all the rights to have a better country for everyone. By being insatiable you place everyone one notch higher as you believe that all people deserve a better life and a better country. It is good to be insatiable, and I am proud and happy to be an insatiable citizen of my country.

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Xavier Peredo
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