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Using Philosophy in Daily Life

There are times when life can seem uninteresting. However, we never have to feel that life is boring. Even if we are not doing a fun activity, there is so much to think about. We can use our minds to explore different aspects of life. Philosophy is a stimulating way to do that.

Philosophy does not need to be intimidating. You do not need to feel that famous philosophers are the only people with interesting thoughts about life. We are all capable of thinking in unique ways. A refreshing aspect of philosophy is that you can come up with many answers to the same philosophical question, and one answer is not necessarily better than others. There might not even be a right answer. You do not need to write your thoughts down. The process of thinking itself has its own rewards.
using philosophy in daily life,unique
You don't have to think about big issues like the meaning of life, or whether or not we truly exist. Seemingly small questions may be just as important as the questions that are often considered to be bigger.

One way to get started with philosophical thinking is to ask the question, "Why?" Questioning things that we often take for granted can lead to interesting answers. Why do you act the way you do? Why is something right or wrong? When someone says about something, "It's just the way it is," think about what some actual reasons could be.

You can also think about what makes human beings unique. For example, could a robot do your job? Could a robot be a judge or a lawyer? Could a robot make art? Even if a robot were technically capable of making a painting or sculpture, would the pieces be lacking something because they were not made by a human? Can only humans make art? Gorillas have made some paintings. Are those paintings art? What exactly makes something art?

Think about your own life and the lives of others around you. How do you want to live? Is there one thing that is essential to a good life? What is the right way to treat each other? What should a real friendship be like? How should one deal with people who are unkind? Is any punishment fair or necessary?
There are so many other questions you could ask about life, possibly too many to count. Life can be absolutely fascinating. Let your mind run free. You might be surprised by the answers you come up with, and by the different issues you find yourself pondering. Philosophy can enrich your life and ensure that you never get bored.

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Vilmarie Vega
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