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Rise beyond bars!

Today, I happened to read this very inspiring and catchy quote which says that “Be a pilot, not a passenger..!! World is full of passengers, it needs PILOTS.” As soon as I read it “Are you one?” was the very first question that came to my mind. I tried answering the question but just promised myself that I would work hard to become one. LEADER doesn’t mean in terms of name, fame, recognition, wealth, so on and so forth. LEADERS in true sense means to be leading in terms of efforts, spirit, work and results in whichever field they put their hands into and invest themselves. Once a leader starts leading in these terms, he can naturally start leading a group of people in the same direction. This is next level of leadership. “A leader is said to be successful when he creates more successful leaders behind him”.
Rise beyond bars,leadership
Moreover, leadership is not a onetime procedure nor does it happen as a matter of chance. It’s a process; meaning – requires continuity. Continuous practical experiences are must to tackle unexpected situations which rise undoubtedly. Adaptability to circumstances as the situation demands is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Whenever a person has hands-on experience in any field, he can handle situations better and that’s where practical exposure to situations becomes important. It might not seem that easy at the beginning, risks would be there, mistakes might happen and failures would also be seen at certain point of times. But all that will only add to your account of experiences for the future and act as lessons for your future endeavours.
First time experiences are a must for every leader. It’s the situation wherein one experiences mixture of feelings - excitement, suspense as in what might unfold the very next moment, nervousness. But this is how the personality is developed and inside you a LEADER takes birth. Take a step ahead to give birth to that LEADER inside you!

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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