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Do you understand the value of a flower?

The nectar for the hopeless - The Reflections of resilience,
True colours of life - The symbol of celebration,
The song of the eternity - the soothing touch of tenderness,
Something beyond optimism,
Something beyond ecstasy,
Something beyond celebration,
Want to feel it?
Want to see it?
It's all around us,
It's accessible to all,
Do you understand the value of a flower , eco system
Human greed is increasing and there seems to be no end to this insatiable lust. With increasing wants, the environment and the surroundings are the easiest targets of the human being. Trees are cut to spread urbanization. Forests are replaced by gardens. The geographic area of other living species is constantly shrinking. However, there are many environmentalists, who are trying to raise our consciousness about nature and re-direct us towards nature (although they are yet to achieve any material success). I have met many environmentalists, but this one is different. He has channelized NAREGA initiatives in Kota and Bundi region to restoration and development of village ponds and water reservoirs. He has extensively written on bio-diversity, forest conservation and environment protection. But these are not the reasons for which I am writing about him. It's something really different and you will rarely find such a person in our society.

Gift a rose to someone and see the reaction. It's always a smile for guarantee. But no.. There are exceptions to everything. Gift a rose to Prof L.K. Dadhich and he will refuse to accept. Yes, he will neither accept a rose nor gift a rose to any person – even if it's a VVIP. Yes, he would not allow you to pluck a rose also. Not just rose – it may be any flower. Plucking one flower deprives many insects from their habitat and deprives the trees and plants from their natural reproductive capabilities. Prof. Dadhich asserts that we have no right to pluck a flower and disturb the natural eco-system. A flower is beautiful because it is the nature’s gift to a plant to enable it to reproduce itself. A flower is beautiful because it is designed to attract insects and birds, which help the plant in its reproduction process. A flower has fragrance because it is designed to attract other species to help the plant in its natural processes. The beauty and elegance of the flower is not for decoration somewhere away from the plant.
Prof. Dadhich is not just a professor of Botany, he is also actively promoting bio-diversity. In all his thoughts, actions and beliefs, he has been constantly striving to protect and promote bio-diversity. He strongly recommends people not to pluck flowers and disturb trees or plants or forests. He is strongly against the present mad-rush of converting forests and open spaces into gardens. He firmly asserts about letting the trees and plants decide their growth. Prof. Dadhich uses every public forum to raise awareness for environment. He writes poems also on environment. Prof. Dadhich practises what he talks. Prof. Dadhich didn’t use flowers during marriage functions or other functions in his family. All the family functions that he organized were totally eco-friendly. Even marriage function was organized during day time. Many organisations and institutions recognize Prof. Dadhich’s contributions and invite him to salute his majestic efforts. However, Prof. Dadhich tells them in advance not to use any flower in any form.

What is the value of your existence? This is the question that Prof. Dadhich will put to you when you meet him. Before you can reply anything, he will share his own value. He has estimated his own value at Rs. 12 and that of a tree at Rs. 60 lakhs. He will show you the calculations also about how he has derived the value. He will tell you about all our contribution to the environment and compare this contribution to the contribution that a tree makes to the environment. If you are convinced, he will ask you not to cut trees or cause them any damage. Let the trees, plants and forests lead their natural path. Let us listen to this scientist, who has experienced the nature from the core of his heart and has over 35 years of research and practice behind what he says.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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