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Looking up and ahead.

Hey you!

Keep a mirror handy!

Every time you forget who you are, and who you want to become, look into those eyes looking back at you. Those eyes deserve to see nothing but happiness and the fruits of trust and good work.

All the hullabaloo that your world is, all the piercing words that people you know speak, all the ties you forge and call relationships only to look at wasted labour, all the heartache, all the smiles that you cry over - they are your baby steps towards learning what you need. As contrasted from what you want, 'need' is the real picture. Don't run away from it. Don't EVER deceive yourself for short term happiness - in all probability, you have muffled your intuition to go after it. Only hurt ensues from silencing the wisest voice you can ever hear.

Find a distraction, the breathing gets easier. A certain someone who mentioned that hurt makes you feel like holy Swiss cheese was absolutely not kidding. Just know that it is a phase, albeit very, very painful - the hands of Time soothe everything. Someday, you will be able to look back at the day that reduced you to heaving rubble, without feeling this miserable tumult. You might look back at it solemnly, wistfully, maybe with a touch of melancholy, but it won't make you uncontrollably teary/upset.

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"You are all you have." It's the truest thing I've ever heard till date. It bandaged a lot of heart-owies. It helped me get on track to heal again. It might be a tough manoeuvre to literally lean on your own shoulder/s, but you get the point. You are all you have. You might have amazing parents, a wonderful boy/girlfriend, ultimate husband/wife, et cetera ad nauseum. But there's only so much that they can stretch for you. When things are low, the best friend and guide you can find is most usually yourself.

Life can resemble one big Maha Kumbh -utter chaos, a multitude of confusion, paths that diverge in more directions than you can comprehend when it's necessary - it's easy to lose yourself, to get carried away to unfamiliarity and obscurity on the shoulders of false wisdom. But life isn't just that if you take two more minutes to just breathe - it's colour, brightness, a grinning Molotov cocktail of experiences that kill some part of you while bringing something to life.

Hey you!
You are beautiful inside. You deserve the best. Never think otherwise. Never stop loving.

Much love. Because I can. Because YOU can.

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Tanya Srinath
Tanya Srinath is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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