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ArtAbled - Celebrating Art by Differently Abled

ArtAbled is a unique, inclusive platform which brings together people with disability and other individuals for art, knowledge sharing, interactions and fun.
ArtAbled - Celebrating Art by Differently Abled,talent
As a part of their continued efforts to create a platform for people with disabilities, GiftAbled Foundation* in association with Cheshire Disability Trust is organising ArtAbled (Dec 3, 2014 -Dec7, 2014) to mark World Disability Day. ArtAbled is a platform for artists with disabilities to showcase their talent and art in the form of paintings, music, dance or products which are made by them for their livelihood. ArtAbled includes the following sessions:

  • Product Sale/Exhibition- Various products made by people with disability such as paintings, ear rings, pouches, bags and so on.
  • Step towards Inclusiveness- An exclusive session for employers to create awareness on the disability sector and sensitisation towards people with disability, leading to an inclusive office environment and job opportunities for people with disability (PwD).
  • Assistive Devices Session- Through this session, employers can be benefited as they get awareness on how people with disability work effectively on par with non-disabled and help them in decision making for hiring people with disability. For employees, it is a good awareness to see and experience the solutions used by various people with disability and obtain the experience – ABILITY APPROACH  (Solution to enable ability amongst the disability)
ArtAbled - Celebrating Art by Differently Abled,talent
Through ArtAbled, the organisers intend to shift the focus on to possibilities from disabilities.

Be there at Cheshire Disability Trust, Kodihalli from 3rd to 7th of Dec, 2014 to witness and be a part of the inclusive carnival. 

*GiftAbled Foundation is a non-profit initiative which strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to form a sensitised and disabled friendly society, through gifts for differently-abled, workshops on Awareness and sensitisation towards People with Disabilities (PwD), Special Clubs for Deaf and Blind and ‘hatke’ inclusive events.

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