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Bangalore Vintage Group to host Southern India Vintage Automobile Event

An event with a cause

The Bangalore Vintage Group is hosting Southern India Vintage Automobile Exhibition on Sunday, 23rd of November 2014 at The Jayamahal Palace, from 10am. The Bangalore Vintage Group, an initiation by NH4 Motorheads is organizing this event to promote the social cause along with “We Care Trust”, who are aiding the children with need for dialysis 
Bangalore Vintage Group to host Southern India Vintage Automobile Event,we care trust
The Vintage owners from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will be displaying the rare vintage and classic automobiles from 1910 to 1980’s like Sunbeam, Ford V8, Chevrolet Eagle, VW Beetle, Indian Motorcycles, Norton Motorcycles, Mopeds, Auto cycles, Paratrooper WW1 Cycles, WW Trucks and many more at the event and will be supporting the cause of We Care Trust.

The event will also be having music bands like Dark Light, Gates to glory, Krupa with Laelang and DJs like Axbeor, Nayan and Rislyn will be performing.

About Bangalore Vintage Group:

Bangalore Vintage Group was initiated by NH4 Motorheads in 2012. BVG provides a common platform for all the vintage and classic automobile owners to come together and share their beautiful experiences and memories about vintage automobiles. For more information, please log onto:
Bangalore Vintage Group to host Southern India Vintage Automobile Event,we care trust
About NH4 Motorheads

NH4 Motorheads is India’s one stop adventure and travel gear company, which is into adventure touring, camping, 4x4 extreme and automobile event management. NH4 Motorheads showcases and sells its products through its e-commerce portal

About “We Care Trust”:

“We Care Trust” are a registered charitable institution that provides assistance to poor children who are undergoing dialysis. We Care Trust will also unveil its plans of creating awareness among parents of children on the need to prevent renal failure. For more information, please visit:

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