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This weekend all roads lead to XIME Bangalore! Yes, XIME proudly presents XIMERA 2014 – the ultimate management fest! The event is being held on 08th and 09th November 2014 and promises to be a thrilling ride for all management enthusiasts, offering competitive events such as BQuiz, BPlan, Best Manager, Specialisation-based events and niche events. Register now!>

To learn more about the event and register, please visit the website .  You can also connect with us on facebook,>  and receive updates on the exclusive XIMERA App.

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It is a known fact that western civilization traces its roots back to classical antiquity of Greeks. Over the years, Greek mythology has been the prime source used to explain phenomena and for styling names and titles. From scientific elements to corporations to architecture to management terms.
ximera-2014,mangement fest,bangalore,india
Yes, you read it right! Management has a strong backing in Greek culture.

By way of paying obeisance to the ancient Greece’s contribution to management, Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME), Bangalore has conceptualised XIMERA.

XIMERA is a two-day management fest organised with the idea of dispersing innovation and creativity with a thematic view at Greek Mythology. Named after the famed Chimera, the powerful mythological being, with the structure of part-lion, part-snake and part-goat, the event aims to identify and celebrate the future managers who are Valiant enough to take risk, Vigorous enough to persist against the hurdles and possess the Verve to transform thoughts.

The two days of competitive events such as Business Quizzes, Business Plans, Paper presentations, Workshops and the drive for the Best Manager bring out the acumen of the participants in terms of both thinking and execution. Also the participants get to unleash their expert knowledge with specialised events under the domains of Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Finance.
ximera-2014,mangement fest,bangalore,india
Well, all these are things one might have seen at other b-fests. But XIME is going the extra mile and introducing a duo of niche events that aspire to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, crisis management and social responsibility in decision making process.

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Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME) is one of the leading b-schools in India, with campuses in Bangalore and Kochi. Found in 1991 with a vision of imparting business education while pursuing high quality standards in teaching, training, research and consultancy, XIME has remained accountable to its stakeholders, through a process of continuous improvement.

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