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All beautiful is she

Just look at the God's Painstaking Craftsmanship
He sculpted you like his own belonging
Never to let you go,never to let you seen or heard of
Just like invisible divine  angel in all panegyric Magnificence
All beautiful is she
You were supposed to be in his safest of vaults
Now you are with us leaving hundreds Enchanted
The sumptuous rosy flare on your visage and slender tones
Makes you like ethereal element among other lousy such

My consciene allows me to say now, my friend is extremely beautiful
Sometimes for whom I get bit Sentimental about
Hey, you are like a beautiful peacock, spreading your wings and dancing in the rains
Else shall I call you a Mozart's Nightingale with such melliflouos Huskiness

But I dont wanna keep you, cage you in my heart, your beauty is in the skies and in unfathomable depths of Oceans
So I let you go free now,you spread your gracious wings and let your voice echo in the hills
I would love to see  you splitting the colours of rainbow and getting lost in the smoky water falls
adding shades of vibrance to that gleaming white facade of cascading drops
Live forever for all beautiful is you, off you go now, you are a humble prodigy
I shall always be your abode, a shade you can rely on and skies you fly through

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C.Karan Naidu
C.Karan Naidu is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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