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Changes that affect Human Resource Management and its possible remedies

It is said that the most important resource for an organisation is not the financial capital, land, machineries and building. It is the ‘HUMAN RESOURCE’. With efficient human capital, anything and everything can be achieved in an organisation. But without having efficient human resource and having lots of financial capital and quality machineries will not help in the development of the organisation.

Nowadays there are a lot of environmental and organisational changes which are happening, and this prompts the most important part of an organisation i.e., the human resource management to accept these changes and work towards gaining the maximum using these changes. The organisation has to spend considerable amount of time in analyzing these changes and working on them.
Changes that affect Human Resource Management
The main functions HR department includes the recruitment, talent management of employees, planning, retention, performance appraisal, reward system, people management and organisational analysis.

The first main challenge of HR department, is the ageing workforce and multiple generations in the workforce. The possible remedy for this problem is to develop good employee relationship between the different generations of workforce by giving equal reward system, telling about experience of older people to new employees and the technological advantage which the youth possesses to the experienced employees. Recruiting only the best fit also helps in this situation.

The second change is the ever changing and developing technology. New technology includes new tools, softwares, machineries and work procedures.

The possible remedies are to develop skills and knowledge of older employees by giving them training and recruiting new employees who are good in the technology. Organisational rules can be cut down at this crucial juncture, because it is sometimes necessary to break the rules when there is a revolutionary change like technological change happens. The change should be accepted and necessary steps need to be taken. For example, a company can perform its marketing and promotion through social websites and start selling its products through online shopping websites. These changes need to have a say from HR department as they also play a major role in the organisation’s activities.

Change in will also become a great boon. For example, DATAFICATION of activities can be done which records all activities of employees and other activities which can be useful in performance appraisal. LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY can be used which helps the IT companies in business architecture and other hard challenges.

The third big change is the Globalisation. When globalisation is there, it means there will be more competition, diverse workforce in the organisation and if the company is going global, it will have diverse work place and culture.

The possible remedy is that, the HR department people should make employees embrace diversity and should comfort them. HR people should participate in strategy making, also when globalisation takes place. During globalisation, teams with diverse culture wil be working together. HR people should delete all differences in the team by creating a culture of healthy competition, developing team work by hiring team players and giving recognition to everyone. HR’s will also have to deal with so many other changes which will evolve.

So, it becomes the sole duty of HR professionals to address the evolving changes in the environment and the organisation as they work with the most precious resource of an organisation, which is called as the ‘HUMAN RESOURCE”.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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