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Competition is Good

Competition is an indispensable part of life, where only the strongest can survive. This is the law which outlined the whole idea of Charles Darwin’s theory and the main principle of business practices.
Competitions play major role in Students life. Students are like germinating seeds of a nation's development. The more they are exposed to opportunities, the more they grow! It so happens that, in the present education system, students are allowed to be a part of extra curriculums but are not much allowed to follow their dreams. No one tells about the importance of how attending competitions can help them reach their dreams. Competitions are platforms for students to explore themselves and make them learn to tackle life with gusto, students learn the real time applications of what ever they study as theory in their syllabus, their knowledge gets expanded by taking part in competitions. Some of us are more competitive than others and put ourselves into situations that test our endurance, strength, knowledge, perseverance and skill. Be it sports, technology, writing, business, or art, competitive situations allow us to model good behavior and teach everyone about taking risks, facing failures, being sportive and moulds "always on the edge of the seat" behaviour.

Attending competitions will help them get a glimpse of professional life. Because, One day a student will surely become a professional.

In Business/Corporate world: Competitions in the professional world is completely different from that of the student life. Change and learnings are the only constants here. Competition is the main driving force, which makes enterprises work hard, struggling for better collaborations and profits. However, the influence of the competition in corporate world is not always positive. First of all, in order to compete, a person must always have a rival, which means that it is hard to identify your own value being alone. It is certainly not true, because any individual has a unique personality and thus unique value. Secondly, competition sometimes destroys the real enjoyment of the activity and makes it less creative: if you are only concentrated on the idea of being the first, you can hardly enjoy the process of doing something, as you are too worried about the result. So, the better option is to compete yourselves and develop the best out of you. On a concluding note, Competitions are healthy but One must always remember "Competition is an opportunity to grow."

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Subhash K C
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