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Desire and craving desire

Recently when I was in a conversation with my mentor, I learnt about the distinction between DESIRE and CRAVING DESIRE. Desire is a sense of longing or hoping and is experienced when we rest in our awareness. Craving desire is a sense of neediness, when we place our power outside ourselves we experience a craving desire.
Desire and craving desire
We all have desire to do things but sometimes we have a craving desire towards them too. We should always have desire but not craving desire, because, craving always means unsatisfactory hunger.

Suppose, we plan for a cricket match with all the excitement, enthusiasm, dedication and go to the field to play the match and you are about to start the game, it starts raining heavily and the match gets cancelled, which would lead you to disappointment. Such disappointments where reality is turned into mirages, are often experienced in life. In such circumstances, we should have a desire to play cricket, and not a craving desire. When we have a desire, we remain conscious and can elevate our thinking but craving desire can create a toxic atmosphere around us and make us lose the touch of reality.

Allow yourself to the place of desire and not to the place of craving desire. When actions aren't under our control we cannot help the situation in any way so it's better we accept it the sooner, the better and move on. This is only possible when desire exists in us and nit the craving desire. It's important to know the difference between these two words because, these differences have a huge impact on our daily lives. Desire makes life simplified and craving desire makes life complicated.

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