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Driven by Passion

Many a times we will be bewildered deciding whom to listen, mind or heart, that’s where passion comes into picture.

My own Brother even from his childhood days was striving really hard to succeed in exams as for him exams are of seldom importance, but finally could finish his engineering with lot of difficulty. Everyone of us including my parents were really worried about his career. On one side he was not good at his studies but on the other side was very good at trade.
When he was 14 years old he messed it up with one trade and that resulted in turbulence at home,
when we got into the details we got to know that he is into selling mobiles, and this time he failed to deliver a mobile, that incident startled us as at the age of 14 he was doing short selling means he is selling first and they buying it, we scrutinized him and tried to divert him towards studies, from then he became very careful. He was still involved in doing business but was not letting it out,
he always gave borderline performance in studies but somehow could finish his engineering, he also got a job, but this time he was candid and clear about what he wanted to do.

He decided to invest money in share market, many people including me thought that it's Gambling but he always thought that share market is driven by logic and emotions and within no time he proved everyone around him that it’s all about logic and emotions and not gambling. He is very successful in this business and is also helping many others to succeed. To be very specific about his success, he started in share market arena with only 10k but now he holds stocks worth 15 lacs, that too in a span of one year. Most importantly he enjoys what he is doing, at times when I am at office attending meetings I get a message from him saying. "Going to a movie as I already earned 30 k today". What a life he is leading! All this is possible just because he is doing what he wanted to do.

What qualification do you need to succeed?

You just need passion and commitment to suceed. In my brother's case he did not earn any finance degree or any related certification but then he is successful just because of his commitment and passion.
What did he do right?

The only thing which he did right was following his heart, from the beginning he is passionate about business and that is what he is doing now what else does he need?

Hence I say, always listen to your heart, follow what your heart says and not mind, remember even if you get a dime following your heart, you will still be content.

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Rahul Gada
Rahul Gada is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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