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Few quotes on life

There are times you know that what you feel is true and choose to hide and conceal that fact to keep your pride. This truth within you transforms to guilt without your knowledge, resulting in you making horrible decsions. So never hide your true feelings if they are genuine.
Few quotes on life
Many times you feel pressurised and thrust by huge responsibilities, lost between decsions and the right judgement. You do feel that the best way is to ignore those facts and reality, to be in a trance and fantasy which never really exists. The best thing however is to face those challenges and wake from your beloved dream.

Some feelings in the world are so special and strong that even you yourself cannot change or avoid it. Let the course of time run and liberate you. Seeing redemption for past instances in certain actions made by yourself, and settling for things that you know you dont like or deserve is nothing less than lying to yourself. Be sure to assess and ascertain your true feelings.

You expect and do your best to get back the things you lost along the path of life... may it be memories, objects or even lives. The realisation though, that you were wrong to cling onto them and those purticular things won't come back no matter what, hits you hard... often so strong that you fall. Many fail to get back up. Many attempt to move on. But, what truly binds us to these feelings? That nostalgia of love and affection? That ghost of a faint memory? The moments that we spent with the now deceased? No.It's time.Those passing seconds, minutes, hours, days spent on them... Time defines what you are searching. Objects, memories, lost lives. Valuing time and respecting it helps you prioratize your work and feelings. Run along with it, not behind it.

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Vinay Karthik
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