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Freedom to Dream!

What is a DREAM? Dream is something which has shattered many lives of people, something which ruined people’s purpose to live, dream has put in a situation that they don’t dare to dream anymore. It’s something which shows what reality is, something which is not easy as we dream. 

For now it’s just a huge question, What is a dream?
Freedom to Dream!
Coming to reality, this empty space in the above box is what DREAM is. This empty space, with what you fill it? how u fill it?, and many more questions define what your dream is. Let me not tell you what dream is. Because there are various theories and explanations to describe what dream is all about?

Now that ‘dream’ has become such an endangered word, the reason that I have used the word endangered is because it’s coming to an end in most of the people’s life. But I believe that there is no such person in this world who doesn’t have a dream. But why is it endangered?

It’s simple. “I have a dream” soon changes to “I had a dream”.

I am not an expert to guide you how to achieve your dream, but all I am concerned is about why is it that it’s endangered and what is the reason that’s stopping us, and yet making us dream. Where lies the FREEDOM TO DREAM?

This is where it starts, you might have seen 1000 people who haven’t achieved their dream and more like 1 who has achieved. If the ratio is 1000:1 then, why is it that you still dream? Even though the chances of achieving your dream is very less statistically, why is it that you still dream? Where is it that u get the freedom to dream? What is the reason that you have the freedom to dream?

The answer lies here, its “HOPE”. Even though you haven’t seen god, there’s something you believe in. something that you have HOPE in, which you have never seen. At least in this case you have seen a few people who have achieved their dream, this is the factor which keeps the HOPE in you alive. As I mentioned earlier dream is endangered is cause the hope in people dies as you fail in achieving the goals leading you towards achieving your dream?

Now that you just have to keep the HOPE alive and move towards achieving your DREAM.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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Harshitha S
Harshitha S is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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