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How to improve your life in 12 steps

1. Be specific about what you’d like to get better at. Sit down where you can be alone and undisturbed, and write down a list of goals.
After this, analyse what you have written, thereby, trying to find out if you really want to achieve the items on your list or not. You will definitely encounter items on the list you don't really want to achieve. Chuck out the ones you can do without.

2. Copy the items that are remaining on your list, which you really want to achieve, on a separate piece of paper. Rank them according to their importance.

3. Think about a plan and understand how to devise and execute it. Being practical is imperative, use your common sense, intuition, imagination and creativity to do so.
4. Start to start, do something that’s feasible and in your reach, something which you can do right now. Good examples are buying books with information about your goal, attending a lecture, listening to motivating CDs, looking for courses or workshops that can help you improve your life, or any other step that will play an important role to take you one step closer towards achieving your goal.

5. Read inspiring books and articles and blogs about people like you, who have achieved success in your area of choice. This will boost your enthusiasm and motivation.

6. Foresee the improvements you wish to see in yourself. Perceive them as already real and true. Make the mental pictures as vivid and alive as possible.

7. Keep thinking about how you’d want to be. Never let that process stop. Also, keep in mind the benefits and advantages you will gain by making a change in your life, the situations you faced, your financial status, your physical and mental well-being, or anything else.

8. Repeat affirmations. They will continuously make you re-visualize your goals, in addition to that, condition your subconscious mind to aid you in pursuing them

9. Don't back down from improving your life due to any reason. Don't give up evenif you have to face numerous obstacles, problems or difficulties. Be adamant to achieve what you have decided to achieve, no matter how much time or effort you have to spend. This behaviour is common to all successful people.

10. Developing strong willpower and self-discipline is always a necessity in your journey, that being said, it will bestow upon you the power to tackle any obstacle and difficulty and make you immune to the environmental hazards. These two skills, can be developed if you learn some special techniques and practice exercises on a daily basis.

11. Have faith in yourself and more over, in your natural ability and desire to improve your life, your financial status, your habits and your overall behaviour.

12. Be open minded and accept change. Don't be laid back, waiting for improvement to enter your life without taking any significant action to change your current situation. Take action, grab opportunities, and be willing to change your habits and lifestyle.

Remember, making resolutions is not enough; you need to act. If you made resolutions in the past, but did not follow them to the finish, it was only because you were not serious enough and you didn’t desire it that strongly.
You can improve your life on all levels, but for that you are required to follow a well-structured plan, keep your enthusiasm up, desire and motivation steady, and do not give up, when facing hurdles of various sorts. This will take time, but this is worthwhile and definitely a rewarding goal.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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Md.Istiyaque Ahmed
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