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Inspiration from day to day life.

Thank god inspiration is not being sold today as water or air!

If you are too confused to seek the source of inspiration, then no need to worry. The source of inspiration can be from no-where to anywhere. If you observe clearly the surrounding, you will get a lot of interesting factors.
Inspiration from day to day life.
The best source through which you can extract inspiration is from mirror, which we use daily to admire ourselves. Our life is like a mirror, more you do good you get back more good and is also true the opposite way. If you feel you are too good for nothing, remember, a dead clock shows the time perfectly twice a day. Think again, are you too good for nothing ?

Undoubtedly, attitude determines your altitude. When it rains, all birds seek shelter, but, only eagle flies above clouds to prevent itself from getting wet. That's the attitude we should carry.

One interesting thing about lion is that, before hunting for its prey, it roars loud, so that it can identify the weak ones. Clearly only those that survive are the ones who are fittest. We can say that in this world, those survive who are fastest and fittest in every aspects. A drop of water in ocean loses its identity, whereas, the same drop of water in the lotus leaf shines to the brightest. The platform where you outperform, definitely plays a vital role in your life. We can observe many things in our day to day life to seek inspiration. So observe nature carefully and you never know who is seeking inspiration from you.

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