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Investment or Expense?

It's paradox, or adversity – take it anyway, but the concept has no clarity in itself, I am not talking about Investment or Expense, I am just rolling through the situations where we use these words. To start with the amazing confusion that I always had from the time I started learning accounts - We always treated salary as expense and did debit salary as expense in the Income statement of the company. On the other side we learn about a concept called as human resource, where in the employees of the concern are termed to be the assets of the company. So in that manner how can we term any expenditure incurred on them as an expense, it must be investment right?  Even when a new asset is added to the company, they term it as capital asset and put it under investment and more happening point here is, if any installation charge is incurred, then that shall be added to the machine cost and then we derive at the total investment made on the machine, confusing right? Next, coming to our day to day life scenario, education is said to be an Investment, but still when we pay the fees, the actuality will change and it becomes an expense, what is wrong?
Investment or Expense
Are our Accounting concepts wrong? Or our Accountability is wrong? -  Our attitude is wrong; if that is corrected then the accountability and the accounting concepts go right. My friends, I am none to judge the accounting concepts here, if they are formed, then that would be conceptualised with strong reason and that would be done from business perspective. But our LIFE is not a business, it is something that we have to live and lead every day. So we must be accountable enough for every action that we take and that we live, for every decision that we take and fullfil, and importantly we must be accountable enough to judge the reactions and the perspective that we carry for our life. The question here is, not being optimistic or pessimistic, it about being happy, contented and satisfied. And the point that we have to underline here is that – we must not be that people, who think what the world thinks about them, indeed we must be the people who think what we think of this world. A small change in your perspective shall change the entire way of your living! And at the end of the day, what matters when we are on our death bed is "How I lived my LIFE". Then again two words would shoot our mind, INVESTMENT & EXPENSE and surely everyone would want their life to be an INVESTMENT on this planet, who has contributed A LITTLE at least to leave this planet more better than what it was before, if not - surely YOU ARE AN EXPENSE TO THIS PLANET!
Life is one time, so let’s give our best to fill life into our lives. Not to forget that our 1% determines our rest 99% and that one per cent is attitude, and on this strong foundation of our attitude lies the floors of success, wealth, skill and prosperity.  All it takes is few seconds, minutes, words, thoughts and YOU, who can change your life, just by changing your perspective to bright, so that you come out of that dark night and see brighter sun in bright! Note these words from my side, if you could not see the world on the day one of your birth is not your fault, but if you are purposefully acting blind; throughout the rest of your life, then none can help and after sometime, not even you shall be in a position to help yourself, Because “It’s a colourful day, yet again – if you Act blind none can help you see the world”.

Let our every action be an Investment to this world, and before we leave this planet, let’s leave it as a better place to live in for our future generations!

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