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Leadership is about Emotions

From our school days we came across the word ‘LEADERSHIP’ & since then, we are taught that it is considered as both art & science. According to me, leadership is something books cannot teach, which has to be developed by every individual in their own style.
We talk so much about leadership but rarely about one thing that makes a difference, which is nothing but “Emotional engagement”. Emotional Intelligence is widely known to be a key component of effective leadership. Being able to relate behaviours & challenges of emotional intelligence on workplace performance, is an immense advantage in building an exceptional team. A leader lacking in emotional intelligence, who is not able to effectively gauge the needs, wants and expectations of those they lead. Reacting with erratic emotions can be detrimental to overall culture, attitudes & positive feelings towards the company’s mission. A good leader must be self aware & understand how their verbal & non verbal communication can affect the team.
Many leaders are expert at hiding their emotional states, while this skill may help them feel more in control, it can have a toxic effect on the organization, which is why it is so important to be sensitive to non-verbal cues. People think that leadership is about control, in fact, great leaders inspire and then, get out of the way. Nice leaders don’t finish last. They finish first again & again. While ignorance and arrogance are killers of leadership, kindness is the gift that keeps giving back. People’s job & career are integral to their lives. The more your organization can make them a partner, the more they will deliver amazing results. Find out what your employees career goals are and then do everything you can, to help them reach where they need to. This is an opportunity to brand your greatness.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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