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Let's share

This world is so beautiful and wonderful to live in. It's so nice to learn, live and lead. We all need to survive, we need to live and let live. The most important components for our survival are food, water and shelter.
Let's share
In our day to day living, we waste a lot of things. Those lot of things include degradable, non degradable, hazardous or recyclables. But most importantly, we need to notice that majority of the waste is FOOD and WATER. The raw materials of the food like grains, rice, wheat, they all grow through a period of time with lot of hard work by farmers. They are again brought by our own hard earned money, but we reluctantly use it in excess and waste food prepared by them.

Most of us are aware that when there is drop in the production there will be rise in the cost of those vegetables, fruits or grains. When production is less and demand is more, this happens. We might not be able to do anything about production, but, demands can be reduced by sharing. By buying only the neccessary quantity of the product, we will help many other customers who wanted to buy the same. This will reduce the demand.
If additional amount of food is left over, there are millions of people starving without food, the excess food can be given to them. So let's all share ,care and live a better life.

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