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Measured living? - better measure your living

Freedom is what we sought 64 years back (in India), to live a life without clutches. Out worldly we are the people who make most of the freedom given to us, we ride our bikes at 120 kmph speed, we lavishly spend on films, coffees, outings, lunches, dinners and on many kinds of luxury items. But what happens to us, why we start measuring, when things come to in-worldly being.
Measured living? - better measure your living
Why it happens that we measure and live, when things comes to our living, why we calculate and give when we have to help some one, why we work just to earn - where in our big earning is life and till the end we are liable to our living. Why we stop learning; soon after our graduation - were in reality of life is that every step of life is a learning. Indeed the biggest question is why we measure and live, where indeed we have to measure life in our living. To simplify, we all tend to measure the weight of a grain and see grain as an wholesome food. Where in we have to measure as to how much consumption of grain can make our food wholesome. Right?

The root cause behind this is, INFLUENCE. We get influenced by anything and everything around. We are intellectual enough to decide, plan and act accordingly, indeed plan our 24 hours and 24 further coming years. But we are the people who cannot distinguish between a positive influence and a negative one. Some one on road increased their bike speed, so even we do. WHY? It's because we don't think before we act, we act and then think. All you will need is that 1 minute or few seconds of inner peace to decide what is right and what can be more right, but those seconds of patience is required and judging ability must be developed. We all must understand that living a measured life is of no use. Live free, be yourself, do things at your ease, take up things that you love to do. Most importantly, have patience and belief in yourself and your thoughts. Because lives are many, but which you own is one. One lesson that I would take back is "Clutch your thoughts, so that you enjoy the freedom of life without clutches"

So it's better to measure your living at this point, than living the measured life.

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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