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Perspectives 'n' But they stick to one, utter Professionals!

Our morning coffee is not complete unless we go through the news in news paper or any other online medium; most of us even depend on magazines for different kind of news related to business, fashion, sports and many more. Indeed somewhere everyone, depend on some or the other write up which might be a user manual, information, description or news about something. But what goes behind the scenes is something that must be appreciated, if you think I am appreciating the writer and writers imagination, I am sorry, I am not talking about them, indeed I am talking about the person who connects the writer and reader, an “EDITOR”.
Perspectives 'n' But they stick to one
A write up is not complete, unless its edited because every punctuation matters and grammar error is considerable, as that brings in the clarity to the whole concept. But let me make it clear, this job is not easy, and editors just don't go through this struggle, the real struggle is something that is unimaginable. Want to know?  Then read on...

On this universe every person lives with his own perspective, and if something does not come under his perspective, then the only thing that the person applies is 'delete' key. But look the beauty of the editors work, this 'delete' option he can't use in his job, he goes through many write ups from different writers, and they would have written from their understanding and perspective but the editor has to be utter professional, he just has to do his job, in case if he feels that there is a need of some change in the article, he cannot make it, if he feels that the article might leave negative impression on readers - but still he can't change it, if the editor feels that the article can be presented more beautifully, but no, the editor can't re-write. While correcting the article the editor can't pass any kind of opinion or judgement of his own, because he does know that his work is editing stuff and not correcting perspectives of people.

In the mirror maze of so many perspectives, every day the editor has to find his true self image and come out of the door as he is, and not as a person who he was influenced with, throughout his editing work. The work of the editor always oscillates between his perspective and different writers perspectives, but still the editor makes sure that he sticks to one and that is, his perspective of life. He reads, he learns, he imagines, he understands, he assimilates the fact that the paths of life are "n" but the destination for everyone is intact and that is one which is decided but unknown, so he never judges; he just does one thing and that's his work. We all read and appreciate the stuff, or indeed we sometimes criticise as well, but we never appreciate the real effort, it might be small; but that gives clarity and that is editing. Editors do small things but their work leaves a big impact, and that impact is clarity to every readers mind. Today I dedicate this article to all the editors across the world, who work with such professionalism which not only brings clarity to the reader, but the reader's life as well. Hats off to all editors!

Editors are perfect example for epitome of small corrections, which can change the perspectives of people in big way. From this, my take away lesson is that "small corrections in life at right point of time, can save the life from committing big mistakes"

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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