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There is a saying 'either modify the dreams or else modify your skills'. Here's how to modify your skills to match your dreams.
'Skills' can be defined as the learned ability to carry out the task with pre-determined results often within a given amount of time, energy or both in a simple saying the abilities of that one possesses. The reason for me to choose this topic is because, in today’s life, the skills play a major role but the fact is no one doesn’t have it to a greater extent.

Today’s education system doesn’t teach how to gain skills, the reason is that, they follow or believe in book reading and exams. Instead of studying what they have studied, they could have learnt implementation lessons to gain some practical skills to make the things happen.
Even the education minister has mentioned in one of the website that I have read, that under graduation and post graduation doesn’t give you a job, but 12 years of education and 12 weeks of hardcore skills training can get you a better job and also make you confident such that you can get into any type of job.

For every person to survive or to face or to fight his problems, there are four types of skills needed:

Life skills :

Life skills are problem solving behaviors that are used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs. They are the set of human skills acquired via direct experience; they are used to handle problems and questions in our daily life.

Financial skills :

You can be responsible of a large amount of money only if you could take care of the small amount. Now a days, everyone knows their bank balances at all times. They record their expenditures .They count their income. They take care of their own taxes. They can obtain wealth if they understand their money.

Emotional intelligence :

If you take care of yourself you can take care of thousands of people. It simply says 'self management'. Knowing human nature is the key to success. For example, motivation, body language, empathy which are related to emotional intelligence. This can be simply learnt by paying attention to the people around you. Communication skill :

We send out thousands of mails every year. Every email builds you a brand. When you’re about to share the message or about to have a conversation, the more effective you can share your message with the world outside i.e., the people outside, the more likely people want to work with you. The level of your communication will determine the level of your wealth.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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