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Three important learnings

My mentor, Mr. Prashant Yag always believes in small inputs, which would bring in daily improvements. Hence, he always has taught me small inputs which create a huge impact, when followed to be a better person. The three important lessons taught by him are :
Three important learnings
1. Have a strong "WHY"

It is important to have a very strong WHY in things we do. When we have a strong reason behind our actions, it becomes more convenient to reach our goals.

Let me tell you a story, so that the concept is understood better. Once a dog loses its piece of bone, while playing. When it loses its piece of bone, it starts digging around the place to find it's piece of bone. This activity grabs the attention of the other dogs. Hence, other dogs also start digging. An hour passes and one of the dogs, gets tired of the activity, gives up on digging and goes away. Other thirty minutes, two dogs get tired and go way. This continues and eventually all the dogs leave except the dog which had lost its piece of bone. The reason behind this dog not quitting, when the other dogs did was, it had a strong WHY behind his activity and knew why he was performing the activity while the other dog did not.

Our WHY often helps us to stick onto our goals, it acts as a constant remainder to accomplish what we need to and most importantly keeps us self motivated us to overcome our obstacles.

2. Right influence

"Influence" is something which has a huge effect on our character and our development. The way we think, the way we talk, the way we dress, they way we react to things, the way we take up things everything depends on one word that is INFLUENCE. And yes, it plays a vital role in shaping ourselves. Hence, it's always important to keep ourselves in a right influence.

Suppose, we stay in the house of Mr. Warren Buffett for two to three months our way of thinking would have changed, we would much talk about investing, saving, converting time into money and set myself free to think big which is a complete action of the influence of the atmosphere of his action in the house. Suppose, we stay in a farme’rs house for two to three months, our thinking would almost be the way of his’. We would be satisfied with the work we do, the little benefit we get and restrict ourselves to dream big. So it's always important to choose a right influence to develop our dream and character. 3. Never expect

Expectations are always injurious to health. Never start working towards anything with an expectation, because, at times when we don't get what we expected, we are devastated and disappointed. It's always better to get surprised than disappointed. The best way to keep yourself surprised and not disappointed, is to never expect. Always, do your work with dedication and everything else will fall in its place. Sometimes when we just focus on our work with dedication. our reward would be much more than the expected.

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