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Why Choose Business Field?

There are two important days in any person’s life. One, when he takes birth and second when he comes to know why he was born. Till my higher education I had my vision to become an electrical engineer as I could see a good carrier in it. But I was not up to the mark in my science stream and I was still struggling to get good grades.

I have been through an article which says that, in India, about half of the youth population is diverted against their interests, that is, if a person is good at management but being unaware of management field, he sees a good carrier in engineering and is influenced by friends and parents’ views, decides to do engineering. Later they find it very difficult to balance their carrier.
Business Field
The case was the same with me too. I was not good at my science stream, but had other qualities like talkative, influential, good speaker, analytical ability, etc. But I had to carry on with my science stream. On 4th September, 2011 which was a Sunday, my friend took me to a seminar of networking company. I was surprised to see people of my age in that seminar carrying themselves professionally and with good attitude. The seminar was of three hours and I was completely inspired by the people on stage and particularly by understanding the importance of management.

That day was the day when I came to know why I have taken birth. I decided that I would make my career in the field of management and started studying and surfing about the management and business field. Once I came across Robert Kiyosakis’ Cash Flow Quadrant which made me a management aspired student and selected as management as my career and had a new vision of becoming a business man.

“Why have you chosen business field?” This is the generally asked question to me and other management students. I simply show them “THE CASHFLOW QUADRENT” and explain where my decision will take me.

Here is the explanation: Let’s have a glance on “THE CASHFLOW QUADRENT”
Every different quadrant has their own different values, but which is the best?
Let’s see.

1. Employee :

In this quadrant, you have a J.O.B which means “JUST OBEY your BOSS”. What are the hopes of an employee? “I want a safe and secure job with certain benefits. I should be paid for overtime. How many paid holidays will I get?” Being an employee, you work for 8 to 12 hours per day in an organization for earning the payment at the end of the month. You have to follow the words of your boss throughout your career. Of course, certain jobs are good but at last, you are the “SERVANT” of an organization’s owner. You can’t enjoy financial freedom being an employee.

2. Self-Employed :

In this quadrant you own a job for yourself. Your job may be a small business, clinic, a coaching centre, etc. Let’s take an example coaching centre, he teaches from morning to evening, approximately 10 to 12 hrs which is quite stressful. Earnings are satisfactorily but not good.

You don’t have much free time to spend with your loved ones. This is case with almost all self-employed people. This option is chosen who don’t get employment or don’t want to be an employee.

3. Investor :

In this quadrant money works for you. You invest your money on gold, silver, plots, property etc. For investing money, first you have to be in one among three other quadrants. Being in “E” and “S” quadrants provides limited investments. You should have a good amount of money in your hand to do investments and to earn more out of it. 4. Business owner :

In this quadrant you own a system where people work for you. It’s known that time is money, so a common employee or a self employed person can work for 8 to 12 hours or maximum 24 hrs a day. A business man works with a team of people. Suppose a business man has 1000 people working for him, each person working 8 hrs a day, that means, he works 8000 hours a day and so earns money accordingly. You can enjoy financial freedom. You have complete independence to work according to your wish. You can spend much free time with your loved ones. This is possible because, even if you are not working, your team is working for you. You are still generating your income.

Each and every student of schools and colleges is being educated and trained to achieve to get a job, that is, to get employed in some or other company. But if you want to explore, want to develop yourself and want to become a job creator rather than job seeker then business field is a best option.

So, decide yourself, among which quadrant you would want to be.

Written & Submitted by GIBS B-School Student.

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Swaraj Mane
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