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7 Things People have always misunderstood about this word PASSION

"Follow your passion", "Follow Your Heart" are jargons that are becoming increasingly popular but most remain confused of what they actually mean. While I am learning myself, I believe I have uncovered these 7 myths about the word "PASSION". Must Read. Must Share. #UnlimitedInspiration
1. There is an age by when you must get to know what you are passionate about: This is certainly something that invites danger and anxiety. A lot of people go through psychological issues because of this mind-set. Looking at others who are young, successful and popular because they seem to be working on areas they are passionate about, one is bound to feel he/she must also discover their passion and follow it early ON. This is not possible unless we understand what passion really is, how one discovers it and so much more. If you look into lives of so many people working on what they are passionate about, you’ll see there was point of time they were introduced to their passion too by someone, something or some incident. It could be because the teacher who taught was passionate about teaching, or the incline of the individual was high, or that people had triggered a lot of subconscious value for that particular thing. Sometimes the world glamorises something and we think we are passionate about it looking at our incline towards it even before trying it.
2. Passion can never die: It’s not possible that passion lasts till eternity for all for whatever they feel passionate about. You must have heard people say “I was passionate about it then, but not any longer”, which is a clear statement that indicates that passion can die too, if what you are passionate about is unable to give you the feel working for passion gives which certainly assists in continuing the journey in the same direction.

3. Following the passion makes everything easy: This is certainly not the case. Following your passion may make your mind-set more adaptive to all challenges on the route but it doesn’t make anything easy or difficult. You need to battle it all still and know that it’s all worth it because what you are fighting for is something you are passionate about and not being forced into. When you are passionate about something you blind yourself to everything and keep your eyes open only to the goal and mind open to only the kick you receive from following your passion. If you could achieve this tuning to any task you are into, you are likely to achieve the result and work passionately towards it irrespective of whether what you are into is your passion or not.

4. There is very well defined way of finding your passion: This is a myth. It’s certainly not definite of how you are going to make it to the point you will know that you shall be doing what you are passionate about. The path to this point is not fixed certainly.

5. You cannot feel equally passionate about more than one thing and still make great success at all: There are examples history has produced of the kinds of Aryabhatta, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more who have had excellence in multiple disciplines. It certainly is possible that sportstar could be a passionate singer or a writer and excel at both to the extent he/she desires.

6. Following the passion is soon gonna put you into the list of billionaires or make you front page piece of front page headlines: If you are passionate about art let’s say, then it doesn’t guarantee you the forbes fortune 500 list. So in that case, you might want to revisit your mind-sets and tune yourself to dreams that you might be legitimate for the career you are building around your passion. You may want to be the best painter in the world, yes, it makes sense, there is always room for it, but if you think bank balance is soon going to be in billions then you aren’t on the path to do justice to what you are passionate about either. Passion and success in terms of how you see success may not go hand in hand. If you think making it to front page headlines is your dream and it must happen by following your passion, this may not be true. Irrespective of whether media considers talking about you or not, if you followed your passion you are less likely to be concerned about getting featured itself. 7. Someday you will surely know what you are passionate about: Chances are less likely if you are waiting for an Omen to tell you what you are passionate about that the omen will appear any time soon or even if it does, you’ll immediately understand and comprehend it. Nothing happens by waiting, if you indulge in whatever you do rather passionately you are likely to fall in love with few things beyond your imagination and that shall drive you for rest of your life.

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