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Even if you're Slow, Be Thorough

Everyday life is a routine. It is a routine where everyone wakes up to the fast paced life they’ve set up for themselves, and move about attempting to complete everything they’ve got on their plate on time. We can either make this routine become mundane, or we can let it become magical.


Wake up and look at the rising sun in the wee hours of the morning. Look at the beautiful orange engulf the earth in its warmth, watch the birds fly over in search of their food in flocks. Water the plants and shower them with words of love. Make your everyday bath become a spa treatment! Say your daily prayer TRULY. Surrender to the divinity of the universe, and pray with all your heart. Experience a bliss that only comes with complete surrender!
Even if you're Slow, Be Thorough
Pick up your favorite clothes to wear for work (and oh if you have ANY pair that makes you feel ANYTHING but good, time to dispose them). Ensure you protect your energy through the day - if you find something good, appreciate and associate with it; if you find anything otherwise, stay indifferent.

When you work, do it to the BEST of your ability- find out more than what you’d generally do, spend more time than you generally would, enjoy it while it lasts! If you’re talking to a friend, LISTEN. Keep your phone away. There’s nothing more you can do, or more expensive you can buy for someone you call a friend. When you read a book, read it thoroughly. What with the number of books that get released every year (not to mention the number of movies for ‘entertainment’) it is definitely not an exaggeration if I say we have a LOT more on our plates than we can possibly chew. Norman Lewis has given us tricks to be able to read fast, but you must be wise to use it only for certain reasons. Why are we of the belief that faster is better? It isn’t. ACCURACY is important, not SPEED. Your first test should always be for accuracy, the second test for speed. Clean your room in such a way that it takes everyone’s breath away! When you have to write a report, write it in such a way that nobody could do it better than you. When you have to write, write what YOU think is right, it doesn’t matter what others think. Ever noticed? When some people work on something, they give their all to it. And that kind of energy, that kind of interest is contagious. It will make you want to do the same task, even if you actually have absolutely no interest in it! Having seen plenty of such people in the family, I know that it is enough to make a difference in everything you do, whether you’re an amateur at it or a master! Whatever the task may be, it’s okay even if you’re slow.. Be THOROUGH!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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