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Flip Side of Depression

We all fall prey to temporary brain cramp aka depression for a multitude of reasons. To be precise, anything that breaks your heart throws you without armor into the battlefield of depression. It’s a battlefield because you can only fight your way out of it. On the contrast, souls that are kind become victims of self-loath when they happen to break hearts. Whatever the reason, it is a sinking and stubborn feeling. Depression is solely a realization of apparent truth that hits you like a ton of bricks. It is not going to hurt any less if you had already seen it coming. A ton of bricks is a ton of bricks.
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Flip Side of Depression
But there exists a flip side to this brain cramp we dread. So here is a question; are you depressed? If yes, you now have a good reason to celebrate! Depression is more than just pain, hurt, anger and frustration. It is a catalyst which nurtures your inner strength like no other. You will be fascinated to see how you grow stronger mentally as you work your way through depression. It helps to unveil your greatest version by shattering uncertainty and creating positive thinking patterns in your brain. So positivity is what guides your way out. Well, positive thinking is like panacea, it is a fix for all kinds of emotional blockages. If our body can heal a wound by itself, what makes us think that our mind is incapable of healing itself?

Dealing with depression, the process, may not necessarily be a hard procedure. You could see it as an intellectually stimulating process. Trigger a positive thought process and the rest is a domino game. Simple, right? The challenge only lies in finding what motivates us to see things differently. We need to derive a positive equation which is a multiple of negative scenarios. If we understand that variables like people-pleasing and living up to society’s expectation are smaller in magnitude as well as imaginary, we are left with a modulus value of true happiness. Park this idea in your mind that "you become what you think" and declare the parking lot as full for any idea that is negative.

Now the important question is how? The very first thing to remember is what works for others might not work for you. I mean no two fingerprints, tongue prints and foot prints match. Your thinking mechanism is no different. This theory holds good for twins who share a telepathic connection too. Trust me, I’m a twin! Us humans lock and key some desires which remain deeply rooted in our brains. These are dear to us but we give less thought about it. Much of the brain activity is dedicated to performing activities which may not make us happy yet we think are important. How wonderful it would be to unlock one idea, dream or passion every time we experience a this-is-the-end moment. You could even step a little forward and do crazier things. You could do things you never thought of doing like writing poems, learning a new language, freelancing, skydiving, you name it. Follow your instincts, take a leap of faith. Send a blessing and forgive. Depression is awesome, really. Something fabulous happens during the journey. We learn a new lesson, an inspirational one. We add a new dimension to our lives. We understand the importance of connecting with our inner self. It is a blessing we judge wrong. It’s time we rethink and right the wrong. Stumble and fall, but then rise!

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