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Morning Luck

A recent morning was an eventful one for me -one that showed that good people exist in today's world as well, in a world where people rarely focus on the good.

I had booked an auto to Whitefield, and the Ola app notified me that my request was accepted by one Mr. Saleem Basha. I got into the auto, and began reading a book I had recently acquired. I kept my phone aside on the auto seat since the book had me engrossed completely. It had extremely beautiful insights, and I was so completely lost in the world which it transported me to, that when I got off the auto, I just put the book back in, paid the money and walked my way into the office all smiles, in a state of happiness that one can not explain in words. It was only after a few minutes did I feel something was amiss, and soon enough, I realised I didn't have my phone! Then came the recollection that I'd left it on the auto seat while reading, so I went out to see if the auto guy was still around - he wasn't.
Morning Luck
Immediately my colleagues attempted to call my phone, and nobody picked the call. After fifteen minutes, I thought I should ask Ola customer care if they could help me with the driver's contact, and I took another colleague's phone to give them a call. The Ola customer care number on Google's first page was of no help, so I just tried my number, just like that. And, he picked! He then told me that he'd drop off the phone at my home (where he'd picked me up). I requested him to come back to Whitefield since I'd need my phone during the day, and at my request, he came back all the way to return my phone.

The reason I write about this today is, people need to know that there is some good left in the world. I write about it so that we know that not only the so-called educated or spiritual sects of the society do good (well they are BOUND to do good because of their education), but also people across the society with various backgrounds have the same grain of goodness instilled in them. I write about it to tell you that just because sometimes you don't see the good at places and people you expect goodness out of (maybe friends or family), doesn't mean you won't find goodness at places you weren't expecting to find it. A friend who misunderstands might set your expectation that if a friend itself can't understand, then how will a stranger! A known devil is not better than an unknown angel, there is more goodness than you are willing to acknowledge out there. When somebody does you some good, it is taken for granted, but when you have a bad experience somewhere, there is a strong need to talk about it! What would it take for you to begin to acknowledge all the goodness you see? We need to begin somewhere, and I hope this article becomes a reason for you to acknowledge more of the good that you see in your friends, in your family, and slowly in strangers and in the world at large as well!
Imagine a world where everybody notices the best in people, where people matter more than money and objects. A world where gratitude is extended with a whole heart be it when a friend shared their breakfast with you since you didn't have any or when a stranger came miles just because they found what you'd left by mistake at a coffee shop or a metro or bus. A world where somebody shares their pie with one who can't afford one, a world where friends guide each other to the right path time and again. A world where language is quite unnecessary, where words cannot express what experiences you've lived, a world that reflects what the heavens above might be. If we start with noticing ONE good thing in everybody we meet, we will soon be breaking barriers and building bridges where none existed before. If we start by saying thanks and truly meaning it when we receive help, it will bring a smile to he who helped, if not anything else. If we can start by sharing a little of what we have with those who don't, we will soon live in a world where no one lacks for nothing. If we can start by sparing few extra minutes or by walking a few extra miles, we will have the entire globe covered. If each of us care to light a candle when somebody's flame is doused, there wouldn't be darkness to find even if we went searching. If we all started to truly live by the right values just one time more than we did yesterday, the world would begin to understand the beauty in silence. If we just did one bit more than what we do today, earth would just be a reflection of the heavens above.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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