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The Power of Two Positive Minds

In the corner of everybody's mind, in the core of everyone's heart, everybody is an angel. Everybody's a child - with an innocence that cannot be taken away, with love that cannot be killed, with a fire that cannot be doused by any darkness. This might sound either very foolish to you, very naive; or very wise.

It will seem foolish if after life has shown you bitterness, you have forgotten love; if after life has shown you cruelty, you've forgotten innocence. It will indeed appear foolish, it will seem like whoever said whatever they did in the above paragraph is naïve, for they haven't seen life yet, it appears so.

The very same statements will appear wise if you have stuck on to the beauty even when all you saw was seasons of bitterness, if you have held on to love when life has been cruel, if you have fought past your doubts and found that trusting is the answer.
The Power of Two Positive Minds
To keep the fire in you alive with everything else that is going on in life is something you need to decide for yourself. To act with compassion towards all around, to be a light wherever you go, to make fireworks happen so that it brings joy to the children around, to make this world a better place than it was when you came in – these are things you need to decide for yourself, nobody else can decide it for you.

The journey begins there, after you’ve made that decision for yourself.

During times when the sail is smooth, everything you thought of and more comes true, and life is a dream! If you’ve ever experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve never experienced this, I totally recommend that you try it. Make a decision, give all your life to it, and watch the magic unfold.

Smooth sailing can never last. And so storms arrive. Important thing to remember is, even storms can’t last. Sometimes during storms, you forget what you set out to do, you forget your decision, and most importantly, you forget WHO you are. You re-think, re-evaluate, and sometimes, you walk back; because you have forgotten who you really are. You only see a distorted version of yourself – one whose efforts are going in vain because there’s a storm, one who is not able to walk by yourself, hell you even need help to stand. Storms. They can make you, or they can break you. And at that time, to have somebody to help you stay on course is the only thing you’d ever need.

Buddha says that we must never underestimate evil. Because just like how good happens drop by drop, so does evil. One must never underestimate the power of evil, and hold firm guard against it. The only way to do that is to be engaged in the right activities, to be enthusiastic about good things that come your way, to never delay putting into action any good idea that enters your mind. How this is related to storms, let me explain. During the storm is when you need to be firm, and not succumb to the tempests around. The tempest may tempt many an unwanted step, and it will take an immense amount of energy to just not act at that point of time.

Getting through it alone is surely possible, but having someone along who is similar to you -positive in himself/herself - is probably the biggest boon you can have during those times. Not because they can help you stick to your decisions, not because they will stop you from going back, but because they will remind you who you are, during those times when you’ve forgotten. And once you have remembered, once you know again who you are - after the storm erases that memory completely, there’s no looking back.

The power of two positive minds working together is power unlimited; it is like an amplifier whose gain is infinity. The power of two positive minds is to be able to hold a mirror to the other, both during good times and bad; and hence stay put on the path of right. It is to be able to conquer themselves and see the world around them transform to a better place to live in, even if it happens a bit by bit everyday! It is the ability to keep the other motivated during their times of storms, it is to provide strength when there is weakness, and it is to have a blast during the journey, for there is nowhere to reach, the destination is just a myth!

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