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Preparing for War, for the sake of our Peace

How lost we are in our own worlds is something we don't even realise, until something from the outside hits us. Sometimes, we even refuse to see what is right in front of our eyes until we're caught unguarded. Then it hits us, affects us, and changes us, forever.
Every day on my way to work, I pass by this area called Iblur (In Bangalore, India). It has the Iblur Baffle range, a restricted area for public, where some of the army men live. Army areas are no new thing to me, I would pass by another army area on my way to my old workplace as well.
Preparing for War, for the sake of our Peace
Initially the public’s heart will melt looking at the men working hard at keeping their premises clean, training, cooking etc. But then after a few days, it becomes a new normal. You tend to accept that there has to be somebody who will fight for the country so that you can live a normal life. What’s more, you tend to take your life which they made easier-by agreeing to protect the country-for granted; you forget the price somebody else is paying for your happiness, for your daily life to run with ease. And so is the case with me.

Today however, is a different day. Due to the cyclone Nilam originating in the Bay of Bengal, Bengaluru has witnessed a thorough showering of blessings by the Rain Gods, along with a steep dip in temperatures which is if anything, an indicative of the winter that is to come. Today as I passed by Iblur, I saw a group of men running with their uniforms on, guns in hand at 8:30 a.m around. Let’s put things into perspective here.

While some of us struggle to wake up in the cold and debate about whether we really need to get to office, while some of us plan our personal victories for the day with action plans that’s going to suit us, while some of us decide to cozy up at homes instead of getting out anywhere, there are some people out there whose lives are dictated by their one decision to protect us normal humans -be it hail or snow, summers or winters. It is dictated by the fact that they chose to be noble enough to put their interests behind the interest of the nation at large, behind the interests of people who they don’t even know.

What are we doing really, in our cozy offices, in our daily lives, in our weekends? How well are we exercising our freedom to life, while there are people out there who ensure we have this freedom? The least we can do is remember that there are people out there who are sacrificing a normal life that we’re blessed to lead, and spread compassion a little more by being compassionate. The least we can do is remember there are people out there preparing for a time where there may be war; and spread a little more love in our day-to-day life, so that one day there will be so much love & compassion in the world that there will be no war. Now it seems like so far away, but a world where there is no war will mean these guys can go home – a place where family awaits, even for them and their life will be as normal as ours. Do what you can today to make that day come sooner for them. Peace.

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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