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Your ways of eating and quality of life - Are they even connected?

There are people who claim that handwritings reveal a lot about a person's personality, there are those that say that a person's palm can be an indicative of his future.. And then there's me, claiming that how you eat what you eat reveals more about you than you possibly thought it would!

Piqued? Well, read on.

There are various kinds of people: those who put so much more than what they can really eat that they end up wasting a lot -time and again, those who put exactly around how much they're capable of eating, those who fill their plates with the starters and food at the live counters that they have NO place for the main course! There are those who take small helpings at first, and then go back for more until they're full, and then there are others who finish EVERYTHING that's on their plate, JUST because they took it- even if it was by a lack of good judgement.
Your ways of eating and quality of life
I've always believed that one part of your personality is bound to spill over to various segments of your life. So the way you eat your food might well be an indicator of how you are as a person. People who tend to waste food on their plates, also tend to begin a lot more things than they ever get around finishing. If you've noticed, some people get bored with what they're eating by the time they finish half of whatever's on their plate- it is a personality trait, of doing things so slowly at the beginning whatever the task maybe, that they eventually get bored of it, and tend to leave it incomplete. Those who take amounts of food they know they can finish, tend to be people who have a good estimate of what load they can handle, with tasks that get assigned to them as well. If a person is someone who takes a little portion of food onto the plate at first, and then goes back for multiple servings, such a person would want to only take up tasks in small chunks, and eventually complete the task as a whole. Those who finish everything that's on their plate, whether or not they're hungry... Well! These are the people who probably experience burnouts a lot more, but also are the people who push for aggressive growth curves in their lives.
There is no right or wrong, so there is no one perfect way to be, so feel free to change depending on what you want out of life in any given phase. Also, know this.. just change the way you eat, and you'll radically change your approach to life itself!

We know ourselves by our potential, but the world knows us by our accomplishments. We all begin many a journey, but what really matters is whether we finish what we started.. So at the end of the day (or rather, meal) no matter how you choose to eat, make sure your plates are clean!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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