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'Emerging Startup Ecosystems' - BDL Accelerate 2015

BDL Accelerate 2015
BDL Accelerate 2015 will gather entrepreneurs, investors, and support institutions from key emerging startup ecosystems across 5 continents. BDL Accelerate 2015 will host 3,000 attendees, 100 speakers, 100 exhibitors, and 100 startups from around the world. BDL Accelerate 2015 be hosting 2 startup competitions, 2 workshop spaces and 2 hackathons.

Hackathon is not a word one hears everyday but in the tech world it is not so foreign. A Hackathon is an event that provides space for creatives and tech-geeks to come together, form groups around a challenge or idea and collaboratively create unique solutions from scratch. The end result could be a website, mobile app or even a robot.

BDL Accelerate 2015 is hosting two hackathons: a Wearables Hackathon Powered by DNY Group and a Web & Mobile Hackathon organized by MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab & WDS. Both will gather makers and builders from different backgrounds to collaboratively brainstorm and work extensively to find solutions to specific issues that are shared with them at the start of the Hackathon. Anyone is free to join the Hackathon competitions with no restrictions on age or years of experience. If you can code, design, or conceptualize ideas than Hackathon competitions are for you.
BDL Accelerate 2015
Participants in the Wearables Hackathon will be working towards a hardware solution while the Web and Mobile Hackathon’s main output will be mobile or web based solutions. Participants of both hackathons will be provided with material and the machines to create along with know-how and mentorship all throughout the duration of the competitions.

Applicants may apply as a team of 3-5 members; if an applicant doesn’t have a team he/she may apply as an individual and the organisers will assign the teams. Teams will pitch their solutions during the conference to a panel of judges on the 11th of December.

Cash prizes are up for grabs. Winning Teams will win a 3,000$ cash prize, 1st Runner-Up Teams will win a  2,000$ cash prize  and 2nd Runner-Up Teams will win a 1,000$ cash prize. Apply now, before the 30th of November:

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