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International World Peace Conference - Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW)

After passing so many challenges these past few months, finally Better Understanding for a Better World-Indonesia Project receives YES Alumni Small Grant this year. The project was initiated by ten youths, mostly YES 2011-2013 intake alumni, who want to pass the priceless values and experiences they had got when they participated in BUBW Conferences during their exchange years. This year’s grand theme is “Better Understanding as a Grand Tool to Face the World and South East Asia Challenge” shows that better understanding is the key to create and maintain peace among nations, as well as the first and big step to create a better world.
World Peace Conference - BUBW
BUBW-Indonesia gains many supports from Civilizations Exchange and Corporation Foundation, AFS-Bina Antarbudaya Indonesia and Yogyakarta Chapter, Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga, and Search for Common Ground, as well as International eMagazine Inspiration Unlimited,, Glocal Khabar and Studio Thinker as media partners. The conference on December 2nd-6th 2015 will take place in Islamic State University (UIN) Yogyakarta Convention Hall calling youths/young professionals all around the world to participate. It will emphasize on grouping for optimal diversity, discussing issues intensively, presenting cultural performances, visiting Indonesian cultural and religious sites, engaging in fun activities meant to strengthen ties of friendship, and also including competitive paper presentations. These actions will inspire the general public and demonstrate that the youth of today will not sit by silently and watch the current conflicts but also bravely speak up a powerful symbolic voice.

Currently there are about 70 active volunteers consisted of YES and non-YES alumni from various universities such as NYU Abu Dhabi, UGM, UNY, UAJY, UIN, STTNAS, Binus University, ITB, Unpad, Unpar, Unair, Undip, Sampoerna University, and President University working together making the project happen. This project is purely a voluntary project; therefore to add more resources, BUBW-Indonesia volunteers is opened to other support and partnership.
Muhammad Carlos -, Eva Rahayu -
Bina Antarbudaya Chapter Yogyakarta,
Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No. 29,
Yogyakarta 55122 

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